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Why ME at Wayne State?

  • Location and industry
  • Hands-on experience
  • Careers
  • Research
  • Alumni network

The mechanical engineering curriculum at Wayne State is designed to prepare students for many applied fields. Located in Detroit, the heart of the American auto industry, the Wayne State College of Engineering draws strength from the region's robust engineering culture. Students and faculty enjoy unrivaled connections to industry, the latest research and cutting-edge technology. The hands-on learning environment stems from studying and working under the direction of recognized world experts, who are pioneering research and development.

Faculty members in the department are currently engaged in many diverse aspects of the discipline. One of the strongest aspects of our department is our faculty. Nationally recognized scientists and researchers, they are also dynamic instructors who really care about the education of their students. Many have strong connections to industry and bring a practical, professional perspective to their lectures and labs.

Our department places a high priority on its undergraduate education program. Courses are regularly assessed to ensure the highest academic standards. The department has invested close to $175,000 in the last three years to upgrade the lab equipment and data acquisition systems. An honors program in engineering attracts and challenges the most outstanding students. Liaisons with industry result in sponsored class design projects and keep our programs on the cutting edge of industry practices.

The opportunities in the field of mechanical engineering are diverse and virtually unlimited. The challenge of a mechanical engineer may lie in the perfection and reliability of a device that will be duplicated a million-fold or in the control optimization of a single complex system of unique design.

What will you do with a ME degree from Wayne State?

Careers for students pursuing bachelor's degrees

Students in undergraduate study in ME have abundant career opportunities, even if they choose not to pursue advanced degrees. With our emphasis on human-centered design as well as the multidisciplinary nature of the curriculum and the university-wide initiative on sustainability, Wayne State's ME program is producing graduates who are ready for future industry needs.

High placement rate

According to a recent survey, a high percentage of those who earn bachelor's degrees secure a full-time job within one year of graduating in research and development roles as consultants, hardware engineers, research assistants, mechanical engineers and manufacturing engineers. Companies such as General Motors, Ford, Boeing, GE and Motorola employ Wayne State graduates. Many alumni further their education with graduate studies.

Careers for students pursuing master's degrees

Students in mechanical engineering master's programs generally wish to enter industry as practicing professionals, or pursue doctoral studies. A recent survey indicates that newly graduated alumni with M.S. degrees are working as:

  • Product design engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Analysts
  • Consultants
  • Controls and systems engineers
  • Researchers
  • Developers
  • Robotics engineers