Seminar Series

industrial engineering seminar series

The Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering is pleased to offer a Departmental Seminar Series, a FREE academic and research seminar series for Faculty, Post Docs, Graduate Students, and Staff. All seminars are posted at and are free!

Below is a list of current seminars and past seminars. We hope you can join us for these valuable sessions! For more information about our Departmental Seminar Series or if you would like to be a future presenter, please contact faculty coordinator, Dr. Alper Murat at or 313-577-3872.

2020-2021 Seminar Series



  • September 25 @ 11:30AM - Dr. Daniel Jornada, Data Science Manager @ JP Morgan Chase - "Filtering Algorithms for Biobjective Mixed Binary Linear Optimization with a Multiple-Choice Constraint: Overview and Applications in Robust Multiobjective Optimization"
  • October 16 @ 11:00AM - Dr. Kaarthik Sundar, Staff Scientist @ Los Alamos National Laboratory - "MIP-based Algorithms for Global Optimization of MINLPs". Meeting passcode: 219809
  • November 20 @ 11:00AM - Dr. Yiwen Xu, Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering @ North Dakota State University  - "Probabilistic Minimum-cost Hamiltonian Cycle Problem Considering Arc and Vertex Failures".


  • January 22 @ 11:00AM - Dr. Sara Masoud, Assistant Professor, ISE @ WSU - "Simulation-based Optimization for Traffic Modeling"
  • February 26 @ 11:00AM - Dr. Murat Yildirm, Assistant Professor, ISE @ WSU - "Leveraging Sensor-Based Degradation Data for Scalable Integration of Asset Prognostics and Network Operations in Energy Systems"
  • March 12 @ 11:00AM - Dr. Yisha Xiang, E.L. Derr Assistant Professor, IMSE @ Texas Tech University - "Data-Driven Markov Decision Processes with Parameter Uncertainty: Application to Remanufacturing Planning."
  • March 26 @ 11:00AM - Dr. Lora Cavuoto, Associate Professor, ISE @ University at Buffalo - "Operator 4.0 and the Intersection of Human Factors and Ergonomics with Sensing and Data-Driven Decision Making."
  • April 21 @ 8:00AM - Dr. Mark Dolsen, President, TRQSS, Inc. - "Developing Innovation Capability in a Mass Production Organization."


  • Elham Taghizadeh, PhD Student, ISE @ WSU - "Advanced Resilience Assessment of Deep Tier Supply Network"
  • Farnaz Fallahi, PhD Student, ISE @ WSU - "Predictive Multi-Microgrid Generation Maintenance: Formulation and Impact on Operations & Resilience"