Frequently asked questions for students.

  • Can I switch my major to another ET major?

    Yes, however because switching can sometimes lead to losing credits,  it is important to discuss this decision with your advisor. The later you are in your program, the more credits you stand to lose.

  • Can I “double major” in EET and MCT?

     Yes, but this will require 30 additional hours of coursework. There are advantages to a double major, but usually people choose areas of study that are very different, and all of the ET programs are very similar. Consider finishing out your first degree, and then working towards a Masters Degree in Engineering Technology from our Division.

  • What is an “Upper Division Tech Elective”?

     An upper division elective is listed on your plan of study. This allows you the freedom to choose a few classes in your technical area.

    You are free to choose any ET course in your core area which is at the 3000 level or higher.  (For example Mechanical Technology students would choose any  3000+ MCT course not already listed on their plan of study.)

  • I took some additional classes at community college, where do I send my transcripts?

    All undergraduate student transcripts should be sent to the following address:

    Transfer Credit Evaluation
    Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    Wayne State University
    P.O. Box 02759
    Detroit, MI  48202-0759

  • How do I register for Physics?

    Whether you need to register for PHY 2130 or 2140, you will need to enter 3 CRNS at the same time.
    The Lecture and Quiz CRNS are listed under PHY 2130, or 2140. The Co-requisite Lab section CRN is listed under PHY 2131 and 2141.

  • What should I do if I need an override for a class outside ET?

    If you need an override for a class outside of ET, you should contact the department of the class in which you are trying to get into.

    Before contacting them, have this information ready:

    • Course Number
    • Course Name
    • CRN

    Also check and make sure you have the prerequisites for this course:  If you took them at community college, be ready to provide where and when you took them!

  • Can I do an independent study?

    Independent studies are not recommended, and should never take the place of core classes.  Sometimes students think they can use them as an “easy A” when often times they are more difficult than offered classes.

    Students working independently need to stay on task, remain motivated, and do the necessary work.

     A student who wishes to do an independent study, must:

    • Identify a faculty member they wish to work with,
    • Come up with what they would like to study, fill out an independent study proposal, (including how the course will be assessed)
    • Get it approved
    • Finally, do the work involved to pass the class.

     Because the student must first determine who they wish to work with, independent studies are not for students who are new to the program.

  • How often should I see my advisor?

    It is important to meet with and be in contact with your advisor to make sure you are on the same page. The role of the academic advisor is to help you on your academic journey to graduation.

    You are responsible for all correspondence your Advisor sends you via email.  Therefore you need to check your WSU-email often.

  • How do I find General Education Classes?

    Searching for Gen. Ed. classes is easy.

    • Go to wayne.edu
    • Click on current students
    • Click on schedule of classes (make sure it is showing the term you wish to seach)
    • Click search
    • Search using the 6th option down “Add course attributes” drop down menu.

    NOTE: A class that fulfills the General Education Area will have the letters of the area in parenthesis next to the title. If you are taking a History class that does not have (HS) with its course name IT WILL NOT fulfill your Historical Studies (HS) requirement.

  • What does it mean that my plan of study requires 3 credits for all the General Education areas, but some of the classes I have found are 4 credits?

    This means that you only need 3 credit hours to fulfill these requirements. Pay attention to this, and remember that if you opt to take a 4 credit class only 3 credits will be used in your plan.

  • Do I need to take a Foreign Language for my (FC) general education requirement?

    No! There are many classes instructed in ENGLISH that meet this requirement.

    For example:  ANT 3150 (FC) Anthropology of Business (3 credits)

    In fact, before you can get (FC) credit for taking another language you need to pass a whole sequence of classes, for example to get (FC) for Spanish you need to take:

    • Elementary Spanish 1 (4 credits)
    • Elementary Spanish 2 (4 credits)
    • Intermediate Spanish 1 (4 credits)

    This means you will take 12 credits if you choose this route. Learning a language takes time and effort. Talk to your advisor before going this route if you are not already nearly fluent in your desired language.

  • What if I do not have the prerequisite for a course?

    Prerequisites provide foundational material, and therefore you are required to get a C or better in a prerequisite before taking subsequent courses. Many classes have more than one prerequisite, and some of these classes have prerequisites, therefore it is important to pay attention to the suggested sequence of your program.

    If a professor deems it appropriate, you may get permission to take a course out of sequence, but this is not recommended! (link to form for prerequisite waiver)

  • I already have a personal email address, so why do I need a WSU one too?

    All official correspondence from the university will come via email and as a student you are responsible for checking your mail often.

    All academic advising email will come to your school email, and you are responsible for the content of this email.

    It is possible to forward your email to your personal (yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc.) email.

    Follow these 4 easy steps:

    • Log into academica: academica.aws.wayne.edu
    • Click on the picture of the of the person in the upper right hand corner. Then Click "Account Management"
    • Click on “Set or Change Mail Forwarding”
    • Add your desired email. Voila!  Less than 2 minutes and you are forever in the WSU loop!
  • Why did I get an email from Academic Advising or another department?

    From time to time university sends out emails about general education requirements, deadlines and other correspondence. 

    These letters may come from university advising, the provosts office or another general office. Sometimes the information of these letters is generated by STARS, and may not reflect your current situation.

    Often these letters will say: You are missing ONE or MORE of the following requirements, and list many General Education areas. Compare that list to your current plan of study to see if it is accurate.

    IF you get a letter which seems contrary to your plan or something you have gone over with your advisor the past, simply take the time to call so you may clarify if you have anything to worry about. 

    These letters are a great way to check and see if you are on track, but as always, if you have any concerns, the academic advisor is your best place to start sorting this out.