The Division of Engineering Technology is a partner in the Center for Advanced Automotive Technology, a regional research consortium designed to support the rapidly evolving advanced powertrain sector, including alternative fuel, clean diesel, electric vehicles and fuel cell technology. The center is complemented by the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology Program, which trains students to service hybrid engines. And, in the Manufacturing Integrated Learning Laboratory, students participate in hands-on team projects from components to a fully functional mechanism.

Faculty research areas

Dr. Mohsen Ayoobi
Combustion, fuel refoming, combustion-related micro power generators, energy conversion, computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer and thermodynamics.

Dr. Wen Chen
Control systems including robust control, adaptive control and iterative learning control; fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control; PLC systems and applications; micro-controllers; analog electronic circuits.

Dr. Ching-Ming Chen
Autonomous vehicle technology, 3D printing and applications, mechatronics, smart sensors, circuit design, advanced battery systems, numerical analysis of physical models.

Dr. Ana Djuric
Industrial robots kinematics, modeling and simulation; industrial robots dynamics and control; control systems; robot vision and off-line programming; collaborative robots modeling and programming; manufacturing systems; computer software: Matlab, Maple 17, workspace.

Dr. Gene Liao
Hybrid and electric vehicle modeling and analysis; advanced energy storage systems; vehicle driveline dynamics; vehicle dynamics; CAE applications in manufacturing.

Dr. Mukasa Ssemakula
Manufacturing systems; computer-aided process planning; computer integrated manufacturing; concurrent engineering; computer based Instruction; distance education.

Dr.  Ece Yaprak
Vehicle networking; controller area networks (CAN) systems; network engineering; network design, monitoring, management, capacity planning; network security; wireless networks.

Dr. CP Yeh
Machine vision and image processing; statistical pattern recognition; signal and digital signal processing; control systems; automotive electronics for hybrid vehicle control.