Master of Science in Engineering Technology

The master's degree in engineering technology (MSET) is designed to provide graduate education to engineering technology baccalaureate degree holders and to prepare them for performing more sophisticated and independent tasks in a technical workplace. Graduates of this program have been employed in such areas as manufacturing engineering, production engineering, maintenance, marketing, quality control, product testing, field engineering, design, technical supervision, and more. 

Program objective

  • To provide faculty and students with an environment that is conducive to carrying out cutting-edge applied research and excellence in teaching.
  • To produce graduate engineering technologists at the MS level who have the analytical, computational and communication skills to practice in the profession of engineering technology at an advanced level.
  • To provide opportunities to the students at the MS level to develop their research and problem solving skills that would enable them to function competently in, and ultimately lead, a project team while working in a private or government institution.
  • To instill in the graduate students a keen sense of professionalism with a commitment to the highest standards of ethical principles and pursuit of excellence in their careers.

MSET options

The MSET degree is offered under the following options: 

  • Plan B: A minimum of 30 semester credits of graduate level (5000 and above) course work, including a four- to six-credit master's project (ET7999) 
  • Plan C: A minimum of 30 credits of graduate level (5000 and above) course work.

Graduate students

Dr. Ece Yaprak (for advising) 

For questions regarding your application or overrides, please contact a graduate program coordinator via email and include your Access ID or Application ID.

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