Engineering students receive 2019-20 UROP funding

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) at Wayne State University announced that 60 students, including 13 from the College of Engineering, were offered funding for the 2019-20 award period. The UROP awards are designed to enhance opportunities for students from disciplines across the university to participate in research and creative activities with mentorship from faculty experts.

To be considered for funding, students submitted project proposals sponsored by faculty members with whom they wished to collaborate. Projects were focused on developing and testing a hypothesis or theory using methods relevant to one or more academic disciplines.

Undergraduates involved in research projects can receive grant funding, earn special recognition for their work, obtain financial support to present their results at state and national conferences, and apply to participate in the university’s annual Undergraduate Research Conference.


2019-20 College of Engineeirng UROP awardees

Siva Chinthalapudi

Development of 3D printed electrode materials for Li-ion battery applications

Major: Electrical engineering

Advisor: Leela Arava


Eric Ellis

HA-CNT nanofibers with electrically-triggered drug release for enhanced nerve regeneration

Major: Chemical engineering

Advisor: Harini Sundararaghavan


Charles Gabrion

Design of an osteochondral plug from microencapsulated differentiated mesenchymal stem cells

Major: Chemical engineering

Advisor: Howard Matthew


Marcella Gatti

Electrochemical gas sensor using MEMS technology

Major: Electrical engineering

Advisor: Yong Xu


Daryna Gopchenko

Development of nickel doped transition metal dichalcogenides for lithium sulfur batteries

Major: Mechanical engineering

Advisor: Leela Arava


Aleksandra Gryko

Synthesis of nanostructured non-precious mixed metal electrocatalysts for advancement of energy conversion systems

Major: Chemical engineering

Advisor: Eranda Nikolla


Dimitrios Kakaris Porter

Waste to resource: coal fly ash benefication

Major: Civil engineering

Advisor: Timothy Dittrich


Ryan Mangulabnan

3D bioprinting of microvascular hollow fibers for use in tissue engineering

Major: Chemical engineering

Advisor: Howard Matthew


Krishna Patel

Fundamental insights into oxygen electrocatalysts on non-stoichiometric mixed metal oxides for regenerative fuel cells and metal-air batteries

Major: Chemical engineering

Advisor: Eranda Nikolla


Grace Sexton

Intelligent suspension systems of autonomous vehicles with incorporation of environmental perception

Major: Mechanical engineering

Advisor: Chin-An Tan


Tanyeem Shaik

Photoacoustic thermometry during endogenous laser ablation procedures: calibration studies

Major: Biomedical engineering

Advisor: Mohammad Mehrmohammadi


Molly Straight

Coronary stent effects on increased proteoglycan production to induce intimal hyperplasia

Major: Mechanical engineering technology

Advisor: Mai Lam


Andrew Touma

Development of an economical data acquisition system for a low-cost photoacoustic probe for measurement of skin layer thickness

Major: Biomedical engineering

Advisor: Kamran Avanaki


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