College of Engineering and Handshake partnership paying dividends for students entering workforce

handshakeWayne State University students are always on the hunt for their next — or their first — job or internship. The College of Engineering Career Resource Center helps many high-performing, career-ready engineers and computer scientists navigate their professional pathway.

One particular resource recently introduced to students that has been particularly helpful is Handshake, a virtual job board that the College of Engineering began a working relationship with in August 2016. This relationship in many ways served as a pilot program that opened the door for Handshake to be made available university-wide.

“Engineering brought Handshake to campus in order to better assist students with finding jobs and internships, as well as make it easier for employers to connect with our students,” said Erin Rook, Program Coordinator for the Career Resource Center.

According to Rook, the College of Engineering began utilizing Handshake to provide students a more modern and accessible platform. Feedback has been very positive, as engineering students have noted that Handshake is easy to use, especially when it comes to responding quickly to job or internship opportunities and keeping track of their applications. There is also a free app for phones and tablets.

Handshake has been adopted by many other universities across the country, including Michigan, Michigan State, Michigan Tech, Cornell, and Stanford. There are over 120,000 active employers on the platform including 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

Engineering students and recent graduates can use their WSU access ID to log in to Handshake. From there, they can upload a resume and complete a profile.

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