MS areas of concentration

The Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate program offers one of the broadest curricula within the college, with courses spanning a wide range of sub-disciplines.  To focus their efforts, graduate students may consider selecting courses based on an area of concentration.  Students, please note that you are not required to select a concentration area, nor will it be listed on your transcript or degree.  This is simply a guide for you to focus your coursework according to areas of specialty.  Select primary courses to build your fundamentals in an area, and related courses to expand your knowledge to other areas of career interests.  Most courses are not offered every term, so please see our course descriptions which lists recent offerings for each course.  The sample schedules are suggestions to help you create a plan of work, and you are not required to follow them.  If desired, you are welcome to choose courses from multiple concentration areas.  When selecting your courses, it is your responsibility to ensure that they meet degree requirements for the M.S. or Ph.D. program.

Curriculum Overview, Programs, and Courses