Doctor of Philosophy

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ph.D. program in the Department of Computer Science at Wayne State University is to prepare students to become leading researchers and educators, both in academia and in industry. First, we expect students to obtain a broad knowledge of computer science by taking graduate level courses in a variety of sub-areas in computer science, such as artificial intelligence, networking, databases, algorithms, complexity, hardware, human-computer interaction, graphics or bioinformatics. Second, since the Ph.D. is a scholarly degree, a core objective of the program is to prepare computer science professionals who are able to conduct research of exceptional quality. By working closely with a faculty advisor, a Ph.D. student is expected to develop a research project in one of the several sub-disciplines of computer science supported by the department. In addition, the departmental research laboratories possess state of the art computational resources that enable students to tackle a wide range of computationally intensive problems as part of a research team. Upon completion of the Ph.D. program a student will be able to pursue a career as a computer science professional in academic research, computer science education, industrial applications and related management positions. 

Program learning objectives

  1. Students must demonstrate the ability to engage in advanced study and research.
  2. Students must demonstrate the ability to understand the major research questions and fundamental tools needed to solve problems in a given sub- field of computer science.
  3. Students must produce original and scholarly research that contributes to one or more of the sub-fields of computer science.
  4. Students are expected to have made a significant contribution to research in their sub-field and as a result have become integrated into their various professional communities. They will then be in a position to address large scale issues of both national and global concern.

Stakeholders Reports for the Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science

PhDCS Stakeholders Report


The Doctor of Philosophy degree requires 90 credits beyond the baccalaureate degree, 30 of which must be earned as dissertation credit. All course work must be completed in accordance with the academic procedures of the college and the Graduate School governing graduate scholarship and degrees. The computer science doctoral program is designed to be flexible, in order to meet the individual student's interests and to reflect the dynamic nature of the field. The program is comprised of seven major stages (PhD Timeline):

  1. Advisor/program selection
  2. Proficiency examination
  3. Qualifying examination 
  4. Dissertation Committee formation
  5. Candidacy
  6. Prospectus
  7. Dissertation

Graduate bulletin

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