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Welcome from the chair 

Thank you for visiting our Department of Computer Science website.

As a College of Engineering department, we are part of a group of departments that are on the cutting edge of research and development that are making major changes in the world. We are dedicated to educational excellence and scholarly achievement. The faculty of the Department of Computer Science provide guidance and research opportunities in many areas including artificial intelligence, bio-informatics, networking, wireless networking, databases, distributed and parallel computing, security, graphics and visualization, and software engineering. We offer students a high-quality, innovative education that focuses on the fundamentals of computer science while emphasizing technology, preparing our students for employment and advanced studies.

We offer a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Science and Ph.D. in computer science. Through our affiliation with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, we are able to also offer a Bachelor of Arts, as well as an undergraduate degree in Information Systems Technology. In addition, because of our close affiliation with the School of Medicine, graduate students have the opportunity to complete their Ph.D. work in computer science with a concentration in bioinformatics and computational biology.

We have recently revised our curriculum to better serve our student population. Hallmarks of the new undergraduate curriculum include a high degree of hands-on experience with real-world systems, increased personal attention, undergraduate participation in research projects, and a carefully crafted progression of course content as students advance through the program. Seven state-of-the-art teaching labs support our many lab courses. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge by choosing among a variety of concentrations including software engineering, databases, web technology, and computer gaming, to name a few. We also offer many of our courses as web-based classes so students do not have to be physically on campus to participate in many of our courses. Study abroad opportunities are available with European schools, including the Polytechnic School of Nantes, France.

In recent years, the department has hired several new faculty members, leading to a substantial increase in interdisciplinary scholarship. In fact, the Department of Computer Science is a major focus for interdisciplinary activities across the university and has the potential for gaining much greater prominence. Our annual R&D expenditures are between $2 and $3 million. The department's commitment to community service includes offering summer computer camps for middle and high school students.

Please explore our website to learn more about our educational opportunities and research interests. Please contact us if you wish to receive additional information about our programs or offerings. We look forward to hearing from you.

Loren Schwiebert,