Funded Ph.D. Research Opportunities

Helen DurandDr. Helen Durand is recruiting for a funded Ph.D. position in her research group. She is looking for candidates with a strong chemical engineering background.  Her research is in process systems engineering, with a focus on chemical process control. 

This is a very exciting research area that applies optimization and advanced mathematics to the design and characterization of new control designs that tackle important industrial issues such as process operational safety and process profitability.  Her group utilizes a range of techniques to simulate and mathematically analyze closed-loop systems to tackle cutting-edge problems, including cybersecurity of chemical process control systems, developing physics-based models for control design from process data, and accounting for the impacts of time-varying process input policies on equipment material fidelity.  Wayne State University is also uniquely placed in the city of Detroit, which is an exciting place to be right now as it is undergoing revitalization.

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Zhiqing CaoDr. Zhiqing Cao is recruiting for a funded Ph.D. position in his lab. The start date for this position is September 2018. 

Cao lab uses a multidisciplinary approach, to study new materials and their translational applications in healthcare and biomedical engineering. Candidates with background in (1) polymers, biomaterials, or (2) immunology, immune cell biology, molecular biology or biochemistry are welcome to apply. Specific research area is open, but candidates with significant experience in (1) organic/material synthesis, or (2) manipulating the immune system against diabetes and cancer, vaccine development, or related in vivo models and evaluations will be favorably considered. Qualified applicants are expected to be self-motivated. Student with master's training will be preferred but not required. 

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Eranda NikollaDr. Eranda Nikolla is recruiting for a funded Ph.D. position in her lab. She is looking for candidates with a strong chemical engineering background. The candidate should have an interest in catalysis/electrocatalysis to develop nanostructured catalyst for catalytic/electrocatalytic reactions.

The Nikolla Research Group focuses on studying various issues related to electrochemical systems (such as fuel cells, electrolyzers, batteries...), and cooperative/selective heterogeneous catalysis for biomass conversion. 

Applicants must have earned a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in chemical engineering, chemistry, materials science and engineering or closely related fields and have research experience in the fields of synthesis and catalysis.

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Jeffrey PotoffDr. Jeffrey Potoff  is recruiting for a funded Ph.D. position in his lab. 

His research is focused on the development of new models, algorithms and software that enable the use of atom-based computer simulations for materials design.  These simulations are used in our lab to provide fundamental insight into, for example, biological processes, such as membrane fusion, the impact of various chemistries on the transport and accumulation of toxic industrial chemicals in the environment, and phase equilibria at the nanoscale. 

His research is at the interface of chemical engineering and computer science, and a major part of the research effort will be focused on developing and implementing new algorithms in our open source Monte Carlo code known as GPU Optimized Monte Carlo (GOMC:  Therefore, candidates should have a background in object oriented programming in C++, and a strong foundation in mathematics.  Applicants must have earned a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in chemical engineering, chemistry, or closely related field.  Exceptional candidates with a bachelor's degree in computer science may also be considered.  A master's degree is preferred, but not required.

A summary of his team's past work may be found via Google Scholar.

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Da DengDr. Deng  is recruiting for a funded Ph.D. position in his lab. He is looking for a student who has interests in rechargeable batteries.

His lab focuses on the development of next-generation batteries which can find important applications in personal mobile electronic devices, electric vehicles and sustainable energy grids. Wayne State University is located in the midtown of Detroit or the "Motor City" which provides excellent opportunities for a career in battery technology for transportation electrification.    

Candidates with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, environmental engineering, chemistry, materials science or related fields are encouraged to apply.

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