Construction Engineering and Management

The new industrial era, Industry 4.0, is bringing along new challenges, especially for the construction industry. This revolution will require construction industry professionals to be equipped with advanced technical and excellent soft skills for careers in design, engineering and project management. Our Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) program helps our graduate students to learn the required skills requirements through educational courses and research, while professional skills are also emphasized. The courses offered in the curriculum include, but are not limited to, integrated project management, building information modeling, advanced technology integration, construction methods, estimating, scheduling, safety, business and legal aspects, finance, and ethics. Additional courses may be taken on accounting, marketing and management from the Mike Ilitch Business School; smart city infrastructure planning, sustainable development, and GIS from Urban Planning; and quality management and value engineering from Industrial and Systems Engineering; as electives.

The construction enterprises are striving to improve productivity and industry image by embracing technology and innovation, emphasizing safety, ethics and compliance, and investing in education and training. Research and innovation are emerging as key components for project and company success.

Research efforts in construction engineering and management at Wayne State University have encompassed:

  •  Data mining and predictive modelling for risk analysis
  •  Root cause analysis for project failures using decision tree analysis
  •  Integrated training program development and effectiveness evaluation for skilled work force development
  •  Project controls optimization – EVM use and evaluation in large-scale construction projects
  •  Incorporating emerging technologies to construction projects for schedule, cost, quality and safety automation
  •  Mixed Reality (augmented reality and virtual reality) for infrastructure projects
  •  Skilled workforce development

Faculty advisors:

Mumtaz. Usmen, Ph.D., P.E., West Virginia University
Emrah Kazan, Ph.D., Wayne State University